Precision Manufacturing

Arrow has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility enabling the manufacturing of large (up to 90″ x 90″ or 80″ diameter), complex berthing and docking mechanisms, and other large machined parts.

Arrow Science and Technology’s manufacturing services are supported by our Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) manufacturing capabilities in our facilities near the NASA/Johnson Space Center outside of Houston, Texas.  Our machining operations are performed on our precision CNC mills, lathes, and Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) machines enabling the fabrication of parts to tolerances in the sub .001” range. 

Our in-house Quality Assurance lab is suited for inspection of both small and large parts, utilizing our suite of inspection machines.

Our capabilities include:

Arrow Manufacturing Capabilities

25,000 sq feet​ manufacturing and integration facility
Integration Space / Class 100K Clean Room​
DVI 3600 Thermal Vacuum Chamber (36″ dia  x 54″ deep)
10T Overhead Bridge Crane​


  • Hexagon DEA Alpha 3.2 meter Gantry CMM ​
  • Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex CNC CMM ​
  • Hexagon Absolute 8525, 7-Axis Laser Scanning CMM ​
  • Mitutoyo Optical Comparator ​


  • Haas VF-3, 3-axis CNC​
  • Haas VF-3, 3-axis CNC​
  • Haas VF-4, 3-axis CNC Mill with 4-axis ​
  • Haas VF-4, 3-axis CNC Mill with 4-axis ​
  • Haas VF-5, 3-axis CNC Mill ​
  • Haas VF-6, 3-axis CNC Mill ​
  • Haas UMC-750, 5-axis CNC Mill ​
  • Haas ST-20, CNC Lathe ​
  • DMG-Mori CMX-1100V, 3-axis CNC Mill ​
  • DMG Mori DMU210FD, 5-axis Mill with Turn (90″ turning diameter)​
  • DMG Mori DMU75, 5-axis CNC Mill (25” x 29 xy travel)​
  • Okuma Multus U4000 multifunction CNC Mill/Turn​
  • Charmilles Robofil MDL 5-Axis Wire EDM ​
  • Charmilles Roboform MDL Ram EDM

Arrow Science and Technology’s Portfolio

Arrow’s manufacturing portfolio of Spacecraft Mechanisms includes:

  • Passive Common Berthing Mechanisms (PCBM)
  • Active Common Berthing Mechanisms (ACBM)
  • NASA Docking System Block 2 – Passive (NDSB2-P)
    • International Docking System Standard (IDSS) compliant
  • Customer Designed Peripheral Docking Targets and Centerline Docking Targets
  • Restraints and Mobility Aids, including
    • IVA Handrails
    • EVA Handrails
    • Seat Track (ISS/AS33601)
    • Worksite Interface Fitting (WIF) Sockets
  • Payload Attach Systems
    • Flight Releasable Attachment Mechanisms (FRAM) Active and Passive
  • Customer Designed SmallSat Deployment Systems
  • Hundreds of other customer-designed and build-to-print mechanisms and machined parts